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Kid Loki inspired hoodie :iconm-ers:M-ers 3 2
Nightwing x Male!Victim!Reader-Hero
~Gotham, Outside Ace Chemicals, 11:43 PM~
Bane launched another car at Batman and Nightwing, but as it crashed against the floor, the two were gone. A Wingding sliced a Venom pipes, spewing the drug everywhere. Another flew into his back, beeped a few times, then exploded, bursting a few more pipes. The enraged villain yelled, throwing a truck at a crowd of fleeing civilians. They all managed to get far out of the range but one, but Nightwing grappled right at him, grabbing the young adult, placing him on a rooftop.
"Stay put, I'll be back for you later."
The male blinked a few times, nodded, and watched as the two heroes defeat Bane.
~~~~~~~Small Timeskip~~~~~~~
Nightwing walked up to the man as Batman talked to the police, and helped him up. "You hurt anywhere?"
"No, I'm fine. Thanks." He smiled.
The hero smiled back. "Great. What's your name kid?"
"(M/N), and I'm only a bit younger than you y'know." (M/N) yelped as he was tossed over a shoulder and carried to the floor.
:iconpigswiggle:pigswiggle 153 18
Caught (Bruce Wayne x Male!Reader)
You were close friends with Bruce Wayne for a while. You’d known him and liked him even before you discovered his secret. He hadn’t given the information up easily, but the fact that he did showed how great his trust was in you.
You often went into the bat cave for the quiet and calm. On one such visit Bruce was gone and Robin was sick so you had to cave to yourself.
Looking around you spotted Robin's costume in a case. You walked slowly towards it and felt the soft fabric. You had wondered for a while what it would be like to wear it and fight by Bruce’s side.
Glancing at your watch, you smiled. There was plenty of time before Bruce would return, and Robin wasn’t going to get out of bed any time soon. You looked around to make sure no one was watching before slipping into the suit.
It fit easily and was just the right size for you. You pulled on the mask before walking towards the still water. You looked into your reflection and grinned. You looked perfect for
:iconphoenixremixed:PhoenixRemixed 98 7
Princess!Kenny X Reader - You're The Princess's
Princess!Kenny X Reader
-Takes place during Stick of Truth-
When you had heard that the guys were playing an RPG-like game, you had quickly wanted to join in with the guys. Cartman wholeheartedly didn't approve of it while Kyle thought it was a great idea and it would be fun having you in the game.
"No way, Jew boy! We're not letting a girl join the game!" Cartman yelled at the ushanka wearing boy.
"You just don't want her to join the game because you know she'll pick the elves and you'll get your ass kicked by her!" Kyle shouted back at the large boy.
Kyle was partly right though, you had kicked Cartman's ass before and you certainly were not afraid of doing it again. Cartman glared at the Jew, "Fine, she can join the game!" he shouted.
Kyle simply gave a grin and the two looked at you, "So, who's side are you gonna join, (Y/N)?" Kyle asked.
"Uh, I don't really know," you admitted, you were actually close friends with both of them, so you didn't know who exactly to choose.
"You could
:iconidates-tail:idates-tail 169 14
Off To The Movies: Kyle X Reader Ending

...Kyle Broflovski.  You sat next to your Jewish friend and his little brother Ike.  You had a small box of popcorn and a cup of (favorite soda pop).  
"Hi Kyle. Hi Ike" you said sitting in between them.  Your's and Kyle's parents were family friends, so you were pretty close to his family, along with his best friend Stan.  
"Sissy!" exclaimed Ike.  You were an only child and thought it was cute that Ike thought of you as like an older sister.  
"I can't wait to see this movie." you say giggling excitedly.  
"Neither can I." replied Kyle.  He turns to his left side to see Cartman munching on a bunch of candy bars.  He had to have had at least 10.  How many candy bars can that kid eat!?
"Let me have some candy Cartman!" demanded Kyle.  Cartman pretended to search through his candy bars.    
"Um let's see. Uh nope!  I don't have any Jewish candy!" says Cartman mockingly.  God,
:iconyourlovelytimelady:YourLovelyTimeLady 74 13
Off To The Movies: Kenny X Reader Ending

...Kenny McCormick.  You had a small tub of popcorn and (favorite candy bar).  You smiled at your hooded friend as you sat down next to him.
"I'm so excited!" you giggled.  "This movie is gonna be awesome!"
"(Yeah, it's gonna kick ass!)" muffled Kenny.  
"Let me have some candy Cartman!" demanded Kyle.  You looked over at Cartman who was practically buried in a mountain of candy.  
"Um let's see," says Cartman as he looks through his snacks "Uh nope!  I don't have any Jewish candy!"
"Like you really need all that chocolate, fat boy!" yelled Kyle in anger.  You couldn't help but laugh at the two of them fighting, but then you look over at Kenny who you noticed didn't have any snacks.
"Kenny, you didn't get anything?" you asked sympathetically.
"(No I didn't.)" said Kenny sadly.  "(My family lives off of frozen waffles for dinner.)"
"Well," you said passing your popcorn tub in between the both of you "Here, we
:iconyourlovelytimelady:YourLovelyTimeLady 79 17
South Park X Reader: Off To The Movies

A/N:  Obviously I based this off of the beginning of South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut.  Not so much this chapter, but the next chapters will have explicit language, but then again, it's South Park. Do I really need to post a warning?  Anyways, enjoy dear readers.  :)
It's Sunday morning, and like most Sunday mornings, you sat in the living room playing with your toys.  Your mom and dad were sleeping in late, so you took that as an opportunity to watch the Terrance and Phillip Show.  It was your favorite show, but you're not allowed to see it, simply because it had naughty language and you were only 8.  About a half hour later, you here a knock at the door.  Who could that be, you wondered.  You walked up to the door to open it.  Not a second after it was opened, you were greeted with a cold air.  It always seemed to be snowy in the mountain town of South Park.  But you were happy to se
:iconyourlovelytimelady:YourLovelyTimeLady 80 6
South Park SMIH: Stan Marsh x (FEMALE!Reader)
  You held your breath and plunged your hand into the bag and swished around till you found the object of choice. You lifted your hand and uncovered your eyes. You had grabbed a drill with the name 'Toolshed' scribbled on the side with permanent marker. You turned around and showed it to the others to see who will claim their item. Everyone looked at Stan.
  Stan stood up with a nervous look on his face and approached you,taking his item and setting it aside. "Alright,alright,alright! Finally some action" Cartman said with a smirk. You glared coldly at the fatass and walked with Stan to the closet. You both sat on the floor of the dark closet across from each other. "Ok,don't do anything I wouldn't do" Cartman teased one more time before locking you both in the cramped closet.
  You folded your arms over your chest and huffed softly. "He's such a jerk...why is he your friend?" You asked Stan. "Good question" Stan responded quietly. You noticed the change in his tone and
:iconthecanadiansatan:TheCanadianSatan 12 3
Wally West x Reader Sorry Conner
"Look. I know I made a mistake but-"
"Heck yeah you made a mistake! I'm not even sure if-"
"Well if you'd just listen to me-"
"There's nothing to hear. I already can tell from the look on your face! Stop trying to hide it!"
(Y/N) tapped an accusing finger on Tim's chest, her lips curved downwards in a ugly frown. Wally was cowering against the kitchen counter, not even daring to speak out against his girlfriend, knowing that she might just get angry at him and leave if he didn't hear her out. Still though, if she'd only just listen to what he had to say then maybe their whole entire argument would be over! 
"The eggs go first! You don't put it with the flour! That's for a whole different recipe!" (Y/N) complained. Pulling back her finger and resting a tired hand on her forehead, she looked at the messed up counter, littered with egg shells and garbage they were both too lazy to throw in the trashcan. 
"It was for Conner's birthday! You know he hasn't had a birth
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 30 7
Last Day, First Kiss
Robin's prep school did not do school carnivals. It was something for lesser minds and the lower class as far as the school board was concerned.
Thus, on the last day of class, Robin would be abducted to the carnival at Wally's school. Once there he would be subject to many stomach turning rides, rigged games, artery clogging food and bearing witness to Wally compete in whatever food eating contest they had that year.
Due to the speedster's high metabolism Wally won every year he competed, whether it is hot dogs, pie or tacos. No one thought this year would be any different until Robin saw what the food was.
"Don't do this."
"I can handle it, Dude."
"Wally; ice cream plus speed equals bad. And who's going to have to deal with you whining afterward? Me."
"I don't whine."
"You so do whine."
"I'll show you; I'll win and then I'll do a victory dance, no problem."
The red head stormed away and onto the stage as the brunette squeezed the bridge of his nose over sunglasses.
"That's not the pa
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 128 44
Wally West x Reader- Pay Attention
You smiled and prepared yourself for the little spar Wally had challenged you to.
“OK , no powers for this one!” He called, flashing his usual grin at Megan before looking back to see if you were ready.
Right after your nod he rushed towards you at his usual high speeds, you stepped aside, catching a glimpse of what he was thinking his next move would be, and you calmly turned, putting out your foot and tripping him before he could even touch you. You crouched next to him, your hair falling over your left shoulder as you smiled and tilted your head.
“So much for ‘no powers’” You chirped.
“Hey, no fair, you read my mind!”
“Did not!” You replied, taking his hand and pulling him off the ground. His green eyes met yours and you turned away before he could notice the slight blush creeping up on your face at how close he was to you. “Besides, you said no powers and then you went and used your own.”
“I never said I
:iconfanfictionwarrior:FanfictionWarrior 20 1
Robin (Damian Wayne) x Male!Hero!Reader-Parents
~~~~~~~Wayne Manor, 9:36AM~~~~~~~
"Richard! Come help Damian with his homework!"
"Timothy! Clean Damian's room!"
"(M/N))! Help Damian with his chores!"
All four kids, including Damian, were getting sick of Talia's yelling, considering the three that had to help out were injured, the youngest, (M/N), being in a wheelchair from a fight with Killer Croc, and the other two had cuts and broken bones. Bruce was in dangerous condition; he had internal bleeding, but he was fine now, just resting, which meant TALIA was in charge. Shouldn't Alfred be in charge as not only Bruce's butler, but the oldest in the household?
(M/N), who shared a room with Damian, wheeled himself up the disabled ramp after coming out of the kitchen where he was making himself a hot chocolate, and into their shared room where Dick, Tim and Damian already were.
"You guys really don't have to help, I can do it myself, just say that I told you that I could handle it and my mother will leave you alone," Damian rubbed
:iconpigswiggle:pigswiggle 131 17
Robin (Tim Drake) x Male!Reader-Boy Blunder
~~~~~~~Wayne Manor, Friday, 4:37PM~~~~~~~
"Hey, (M/N), wanna play Silent Hill?" Tim called to the (brunette, blonde, etc.) who was climbing the stairs. "I bought a PS1 and a ton of games to play on it for the sleepover, and I've wanted to play this for AGES!"
"Awesome! Bet you're gonna piss yourself!" (M/N) said entering the room, a smirk on his face.
"Bet you aren't gonna be sleeping tonight, screaming your arse off while we're playing."
"Okay then, if I'm gonna be so I'll play first." He snatched the controller, sat down on a beanbag and started playing.
~~~~~~~~Timeskip a few hours ahead~~~~~~~
"OHSWEETGODJUSTDIEALREADY!" (M/N) growled at the scream, shooting another murderous creature a bajillion times. "THEY TAKE SO MANY BULLETS TO THE FACE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!"
"Wow, you overreact so much. But, you haven't screamed once. Well, apart from the time I jabbed you in the neck during the creepy section." Tim leaned back on his spinny chair, approving his friend's resistance fear.
:iconpigswiggle:pigswiggle 118 21
Request: Wally West x Male! Reader
“You understand your purpose at Mount Justice?” Bruce asked me as he handed me my new phone.
“Yes,” I replied with a sly smile. “I’m still your baby sitter.”
Perhaps I should explain. I never knew my parents. I didn’t know if they were dead or alive, but I never really cared either. I spent my younger years in an orphanage up until the day I ran away. It wasn’t like people at the place were mistreating me. I simply felt both bored and out of place there. So, after a few days on the street, I found myself sneaking into a fancy limousine. I had never been in one before, so I was excited just to poke my head inside. That limo ended up belonging to Bruce Wayne. And, despite being quite the detective, Mr. Wayne didn’t notice until we pulled up to his mansion. By then, a few paparazzi had taken a picture of us together. Now, Mr. Wayne couldn’t lose face over it. He had three options: tell the media the truth (which was fairly
:iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 85 14
young Justice Robin x Male reader Part 1
Hey guys so I realised that Robin isn't really paired up with male readers so I tried to write one sorry if this is bad 😅. BTW you are the main character from assassin's creed brother hood but a teen version!!! your just wearing the hoodie
~Your point of view :D (Big Grin)~
Today was the day you were joining the young justice team.You were asked to come over to America from your home country Italy,Rome. you have been an assassin for as long as you can remember.You became an assassin for one reason to get back at target who had killed your parents leaving you with your four older brother's. But lately you've been helping the citizen's of Rome and thats how you've been selected to join the team.At the moment you were on the plane with your superior, Batman
"Hey, kid i didn't get your name would you please tell me?"
"Oh sorry, my name is (your male name)" you say in your italian accent (not like italy from hetalia) 
"(your male name) what a c
:icongamercece:Gamercece 72 8
Animated Damian Wayne :iconjasonh537:jasonh537 97 9


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fanart - dick and damian
dick makes a better daddy :/! he is so cute with damian!!!

firstly, this: [link]
there's some panel i saw the other day of damian going "he'll love me once he gets to know me better" and it's too sad for my body to handle. I cannot find that panel ergghh if you have it some where you give it to me.

words didn't come out as smooth as i wanted. I don't think it came across quite right, i didn't have the "well" before the i love you, but I thought it might be confusing to people that he's not exactly answering his question, he's not supposed to be answering that question he asked, more just telling him "other people love you" sort of thing.

Dear Father Christmas ,
I hope this letter finds you dead . I have been very revenge-driven recently. Some of my biggest accomplishments this year were not going over my data limit and getting out of bed . I did have a few minor setbacks, like when I didn’t end you sooner. Regardless, I hope my deeds are enough to earn me a spot on the nice list!
This year, I’m really hoping for better coping mechanisms and a robotic fork that would twirl my pasta for me . It also wouldn’t hurt if you could send your head on a stake. Oh, and if you get around to it, very tiny versions of very large things would be nice, too.
I am very excited for you to visit my parent’s house . I’ll be sure to leave out empty plates — they’re homemade and very on-brand ! I hope you fester in darkness !
Humbly yourself,
My Christmas letter
Long story short I hate Christmas


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