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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Bokuto x Reader)
Koutarou Bokuto was in a great mood. He had finally graduated high school and would be going to a college with an excellent volleyball team so that he could continue to play. On top of that, he got to spend tonight with all of his best friends at an awesome party full of free food, volleyball chatter, and loads of cute girls telling him how amazing it was to watch him play at the Spring Nationals.
The only thing that could make this night better would be if he could convince you to dance with him. He had focused so hard on ball throughout high school that he'd never worked out how to actually date someone at the same time. Being outgoing and flirty was part of his nature and having girls come up and compliment his skills on the court certainly wasn't a negative as far as he was concerned, but when it came to somebody he could actually see himself dating, there was really only one girl.
Besides his teammates, no one had been there for him like you had. Other classmates constantly talked
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Akaashi x Reader)
"He says for you to come out," Yukie Shirofuku, one of Fukurodani's other managers informed you through the door of the bathroom stall.
"I can't. I'm too embarrassed. Tell him to go enjoy the party himself. It's not as if he was the one that did anything wrong," you muttered from your current hiding place.
You could hear Yukie-chan sigh and then grumble something under her breath before exiting the girls' restroom again. Leaning your forehead against the stall door, you squeaked out a very quiet scream.
You could kill Bokuto right now. Him and his big mouth. You hadn't realized he was right behind you in line at the buffet. He was being unusually quiet and so you had admitted to Yukie-chan that, yes, you did like Keiji...very much.
"Seriously?!" That familiar voice made your blood run cold. Of anyone to have overheard, it just had to be him.
You turned quickly to try to prevent any damage. "Oh god! Bokuto-san..."
"That's great! You like Akaashi?! That's really great, (F/n)!" he ch
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Kageyama x Reader)
**Language...because, Kageyama...***
Tobio Kageyama had just experienced, by far, the most fulfilling school year of his life. Not only did he do well in volleyball, but he grew in the sport, learned how to be a team player, made friends for the first time ever, and took on opponents he never could have won against without the other members of Karasuno. He had definitely been able to open up more to developing social skills with the help of Hinata, Tanaka, Suga, and the rest of his team.
One area where he hadn't made any improvements, however, was where it concerned talking to girls. He'd been trying to figure out how to approach women, but Kageyama was still at a loss. It wasn't as if his teammates fared much better. There were only two people he knew that really seemed to just have some kind of natural skill, when it came to having girls flock to them, though giving back totally different responses to their fans; Tsukishima and Oikawa-- but he certainly wasn't going to as
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Yamaguchi x Reader)
He had made up his mind before the day of the party had even arrived. Tadashi Yamaguchi was going to confess his feelings for you that night. He wasn't going to keep losing his nerve at the last minute, like the previous times he had almost told you. He also wasn't going to talk himself into believing he wasn't cool enough to ask you out. Even if it turned out you had feelings for someone else or you didn't see him in that way or that you liked his best friend, as Hinata had suggested--even then, he would go for it.
Yamaguchi was going to tell you that he loved you.
Well...he would tell you that he definitely liked you as way more than a friend.
He hadn't really mentioned it to anyone and he was dying to do so. Specifically, he had intended to tell Tsuki but before he could, Hinata had made that stupid observation.
After school one afternoon, in the club room, Daichi asked why Tsukishima wasn't with Yamaguchi.
"Because a girl stopped him after class!" Hinata said, looking scandali
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Hinata x Reader)
"Hey! Hinata!" came a familiar voice.
Turning away from the group of boys he was walking with to the party, Shouyou Hinata saw you smiling and waving at him.
"(F/n)! Hi!" he shouted back enthusiastically, waving back wildly.
"Oi! Calm down, dumbass," Kageyama growled, smacking him in the back of the head.
Rubbing the sore spot, Hinata winced as you caught up with them.
"Hi, Kageyama. Yamaguchi," you addressed the other boys with a smile. "Where are you guys going all dressed up like this?"
"We're going to a party for all the volleyball teams in the area! It's at the venue at the top of this hill!"
"No way! I just started working there part-time. I mean, I just help clean, but it's kind of funny that we're all going the same direction, right?"
Kageyama shrugged, but Hinata was quick to agree. He didn't really find it funny, however. He would say it was more "lucky" than anything else. With the two of you in the same class, he developed an enormous crush on you during the school yea
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Haikyuu!! Kisses (Kenma x Reader)
Kenma wasn't sure how Kuroo had convinced him to come to this party.  This was exactly the type of event that made the young blond boy cringe.
It had been a banner year for the volleyball club from Karasuno High School.  Their coach, Ukai had decided to throw a huge end of the year party for all of the volleyball teams in their region, and Mr. Takeda had invited the teams from Tokyo that had been at training camp with them, as well.  Everyone Kenma considered a friend was there, but so were dozens of others he didn't know and had no intention of meeting.  His social anxiety ate at him before the day even arrived.
The players and managers and various guests were dressed quite nicely, but Kenma felt ridiculous in a suit.  He would have rather been in their uniforms than these, but Kuroo insisted.  It made him even more self-conscious than normal...afraid people would comment to him about it...laugh at him for looking foolish...never mind the fact that e
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Babysitter [Todoroki Shouto x Male!Reader]
‘My dad wants you to babysit my younger siblings and there's no way you can manage this alone so please let me help which is a also a reason for me to be with you all day.’ AU with Todoroki and his sister Fuyumi, and two unnamed brothers that I'm gonna call Kyuso and Kanko + Male!Reader. Except siblings are younger than him.
In this fanfiction, Mizawa is mentioned, and Shouta and Hizashi are his foster parents.
He didn’t understand it. He’s hit himself and pinched himself several times to see if he was dreaming. He was babysitting Pro Hero Endeavor’s young daughter and sons. How did he manage this? He remembers the hero coming up to him, and told asked him if he could babysit his kids with Shouto as he went to some event. He wasn’t about to ask about where the mother was, since he was so frazzled by it all, so all he did was nod. Several times. He had the Pro Hero’s address written on his arm with a bootleg sharpie, and was told very ste
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 50 31
Boku no Hero Academia X Male!Reader Ch.3
A/n: This is a Male!Reader x Male character story.
Katsuki (Kacchan) P.O.V
Finally hero training was about to start. It had been canceled for half of last week since those villains attacked. Now I could show these losers how much I’ve improved in just one week and leave their jaws hanging as I leave them all in my dust. I even have the perfect way to do that now thanks to the teachers.
(F/n) (L/n), the most famous young villain in the last few years. He was strong enough to take down two entire hero agencies single handedly and could only be taken down by the number 2 hero, Endeavor. If today we get to fight each other again I’ll make sure I’m the one who fights him. The class has an odd number of students now so I just have to volunteer to be the one to take him on.
Once I beat him and show that I can do what only the best could, I’ll prove how powerful I am and also put him in his place with just one fight. I watched his rampage from last year dozens of times,
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 71 7
Boku no Hero Academia X Male!Reader Ch.2
A/n: This is a Male!Reader x Male character story.
Izuku P.O.V
I was so confident in front of everyone before, but now that (F/n)-kun is here I'm so nervous I can barely take any notes. I thought he’d be much scarier, but he looks really kind and whenever I look over at him he seems calm and focused on the class. But I can't stop thinking about all the things I had written down from all the news reports I saw last year about how he used his powers when he fought against the pro heroes.
He effortlessly controlled the metal around the city and turned it into a weapon, caused a blackout with his electrical powers and even held down the heroes who had even a bit of metal on their costumes with his magnetism. His powers were amazing and he was even able to fight some of the without using his quirk.
“Midoriya?” I heard Iida call me as he tapped my shoulder, waking me up from thoughts. “Are going to come to lunch with us?” He asked pointing to the door behind him
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 83 7
Boku no Hero Academia X Male!Reader Ch.1
A/n: This is a Male!Reader x Male character story.
Izuku P.O.V
The whole class was loud as usual, everyone was talking about the sports festival that was coming up so soon after we fought our way through the villains attack at U.S.J (Unforeseen Simulation Joint).
“Hey Midoriya-kun, what do you think the sports festival is going to be like?” Uraraka asked running up to my desk as I put my bag down.
“Oh hi Uraraka. Umm, w-well it might be something like the entrance exam. The teachers probably want to see how much we’ve improved, though maybe the rules will be different. But I doubt it’ll be just that, I’m sure they want us to work as groups as well.” Without meaning to I started mumbling again from over thinking.
“Heh, slow down Midoriya. You’re getting carried away again.” Kaminari laughed holding out his hand to stop me.
“HA! It doesn’t matter what they throw at me, I’ll show this entire school that I’
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 119 17
Pg97 Just Your Problem by Hootsweets Pg97 Just Your Problem :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 1,599 279 Pg14 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg14 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 6,351 1,446 Pg1 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg1 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 7,340 319 Wonder Woman morpheus style by Morpheus306 Wonder Woman morpheus style :iconmorpheus306:Morpheus306 451 9 All your heat_page 9 by ysgwood
Mature content
All your heat_page 9 :iconysgwood:ysgwood 208 48
All your heat_page 8 by ysgwood
Mature content
All your heat_page 8 :iconysgwood:ysgwood 206 67


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fanart - dick and damian
dick makes a better daddy :/! he is so cute with damian!!!

firstly, this: [link]
there's some panel i saw the other day of damian going "he'll love me once he gets to know me better" and it's too sad for my body to handle. I cannot find that panel ergghh if you have it some where you give it to me.

words didn't come out as smooth as i wanted. I don't think it came across quite right, i didn't have the "well" before the i love you, but I thought it might be confusing to people that he's not exactly answering his question, he's not supposed to be answering that question he asked, more just telling him "other people love you" sort of thing.

Dear Father Christmas ,
I hope this letter finds you dead . I have been very revenge-driven recently. Some of my biggest accomplishments this year were not going over my data limit and getting out of bed . I did have a few minor setbacks, like when I didn’t end you sooner. Regardless, I hope my deeds are enough to earn me a spot on the nice list!
This year, I’m really hoping for better coping mechanisms and a robotic fork that would twirl my pasta for me . It also wouldn’t hurt if you could send your head on a stake. Oh, and if you get around to it, very tiny versions of very large things would be nice, too.
I am very excited for you to visit my parent’s house . I’ll be sure to leave out empty plates — they’re homemade and very on-brand ! I hope you fester in darkness !
Humbly yourself,
My Christmas letter
Long story short I hate Christmas


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