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TF2: Escape (SpyxFem!Reader)
Heavy footsteps echoed all around you as you ran with all your might, the corridors twisting and turning like an elaborate labyrinth. Your legs burning as you push yourself to move faster the loud footsteps emanating from behind you coming closer. 'This is it' you thought as you turned the corner, the owner of the footsteps right behind you.
A cry of pain makes you falter and come to a halt. You turn round and see your pursuer sprawled face down on the ground, his blood spewing from the wound in his throat, creating dark glossy pools on the white tiled floor. A man in an expensive dark red suit stood over the body, gingerly wiping his blade clean with the back of the dead man's shirt.
“Spy!” you cry out and run to him, crashing into his waiting arms. His arms curled around you protectively as he murmured your name. He hugged you close briefly before pushing you away and examining your body with concerned eyes. “Amour, are you hurt?” he asked as he hurriedly smoo
:iconladycrystalline:LadyCrystalline 125 24
TF2 Spy x Reader: Ne laissez pas, Amour
    "Vous ne avez pas à quitter, l'amour ((You do not have to leave, love))," Spy's words were calm as he spoke, almost as though he was cooing towards you. You paused in your step as you had been walking away from him. You turn your head slightly to look over your shoulder at him. "You know I don't speak, nor understand much French, Spy," You said with a sigh. Spy let out a chuckle, as a calm smirk crossed over his face. "Of course I know, chéri."
    You shuddered slightly. He had called you 'darling' once more. Spy had often called you darling, but you didn't want to hear it. Not after finding out that he had lied about his line of work. Finding out that he was a mercenary, devastated you. Looking away from him, and at the ground you let out a sigh. Turning your head back facing in front of yourself, you continue to walk down the hallway. Spy had come to you at your apartment complex. He had caught you just coming out of your apartment, as
:icongurraeye:GurRaeye 73 9
TF2 x Male!Reader pt 2
When Clause opened the door, I immediately took a step back. A man wearing a grayish brown helmet, was chugging down a beer as he told off the boy Clause addressed as Eithan. One in a hard hat and goggles was trying to keep a man in sunglasses from killing a man in a ski mask. A man...? In a gas mask in the corner playing with matches. And the only black man I saw was talking to a giant.
I hid behind Clause who sighed. "Pierre! Mundy!" He shouted, catching the attention of the two who ever about to rip each others throats out. "You're on ze same team. Please, try getting along. Now everyone, can you gather in ze kitchen?" They sighed reluctantly but followed the orders of the elder.
I followed Clause to the kitchen. Everyone was sitting at a long table, some growling at each other. The rest waited for Clause to start talking. Clause told me to stay behind him before he cleared his throat. "Everyvone" he started. "Around noon today, Eithan brought in a dehydrated young man. I took the c
:iconnightpanic:NightPanic 46 26
TF2 x Male!Reader (sorta AU)
Oh, god, it's hot. I've been walking through this dry ass dessert for three days. My canteen is empty and I haven't eaten since I ran. Running away from home wasn't the smartest idea in the first place. Wait do... Do I see a water tower? And roof tops? No that's gotta be a morass. I'm just seeing things. The heat finally fried my brain. Soon I'll die of heat stroke. Its the end of me. Sorry, mom, I left home. You and dad... I know you guys love me. But you hate what I am. I had to leave before you found out... I'm sorry.
I collapsed onto my stomach as I started to fade in and out of consciousness. "Hey, kid, are you alright? Hey, kid? Kid!" A man's voice called out as I finally passed out.
My head was pounding. I couldn't open my eyes. Was I still alive? I heard slow beeps that sounded like a heart monitor and tapping... Someone was here... Wherever here is. I attempted to open my eyes again. But it only resulted in my hea
:iconnightpanic:NightPanic 48 12
Engineer X Male!Reader: A Long Day's Work
"Sentry going up!" You yelled out to your teammate. You were an Engineer on the RED team. You were best friends with Dell, the other Engineer on your team, despite the age gap. In fact, recently you had began developing feelings for the Texan. You knew the chances of him feeling the same way were slim, especially considering you were both men. You didn't mind much though, you were happy enough being friends.
You were currently running across the battlefield, putting up sentries and dispensers. It was incredibly hot out, and you were starting to sweat quite a bit. As you raised your arm to wipe the sweat from your brow, you stopped paying attention to where you were going, and slammed right into something. Thinking it was someone from the opposing team, you instinctively prepared to fight back, until you realized that the person you had ran into was your team's other Engineer.
"Shit, sorry Dell!" You exclaimed, blushing. You attempted to move away from the pudgy man, only to be pulled b
:icondeloreanandtardis:DeLoreanAndTARDIS 29 3
Sniper x Reader- Obscured(One-Shot)
[f/n] had never really sniped before. This was her first time holding the rifle, and if she didn't feel the class fit her well, would be her last.
After instructions from Sniper on how to hold the rifle, she was ready to give it a try. "Careful on the backlash, there." Sniper had warned whilst [f/n] pushed her hair behind her hair behind her shoulders. Only a few strands hung in her face, but she wasn't worried about them obscuring her vision.
"Okay." She answered, gently setting the barrel of the rifle on the sill of the window. She peered through the scope and towards the target, blinking as she saw most of it blocked out by something. She looked up in confusion, and towards the target outside the window. Nothing was in the way. Looking through the scope once more, the target was once again blocked. A small noise of frustration left her throat, and she shifted to the right. Peering back through the scope, her vision was no better.
Cue left shifting.
Still no better.
She tried standin
:iconshadowsleet:ShadowSleet 122 19
medic x reader
You didn’t enjoy a visit to medic’s infirmary. Not. One. Bit.
It was hot and stuffy, while the tension in the air only made the two of you more uncomfortable. You didn’t speak much around the guys, but fell completely silent around the doctor. It wasn’t that you disliked him, in fact, it was the exact opposite. Your heart melted at the slightest glimpse of him, causing you to avoid him in battle as well. Injuries were left untreated, usually fixed later in the day by respawn. But on off-occasions, you managed to hurt yourself at the very end of the work day, and couldn’t go to bed without treatment.
Now you sat up perfectly straight in medic’s pristine white work-room, arm held out, as he threaded the needle through your flesh.
“how did you manage zees vun?” he questioned, referring to the deep gash in your  forearm.
“pyro’saxe…..” your voice was quiet enough that you could barely hear it yourself, yet your s
:icontf2-writer:tf2-writer 240 75
The Prank-Soldier X Reader
The Prank
Soldier X Reader
  It was a normal day at the Fort, which was alright on their free days. Instead of having to go steal Intel or die off in some dramatic fight, each team member set off to relax and spend some time to themselves.
 One such person was Soldier. He woke bright and early, but with less urgency like usual, using some time to straighten his room and throw on his ‘casual’ uniform. The nice thing to him, being a guy and all, was that he didn’t need to use a mirror, knowing all the while as he threw his hat on without a glance that he looked as spiffy as he did every day since he joined the team. If only he had looked….
  “Yo _____! I got the eggs ready.” Scout shouted, flipping an egg over his shoulder as you caught it on a plate with ease. As the new rookie for the team, a Specialist for different things, your duty was to make sure the breakfast production line went smoothly every morning. It was fun, working your
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 358 259
Words Unspoken - MedicxReader
The crisp cold air prickled my skin as it curled through the small open gap in the window; blazing contrasts of warmth hit my covered eyelids as the sun pierced through the morning dew and condensation on the glass; slipping through my fingers as I tried to block it’s stunning light from waking me, but stubbornly my small efforts were to no avail. The repeated morning routine began again for the countless amount of days I had spent here, almost becoming second nature as I pushed against my face and rubbed through my drained half-asleep expression.
A small bundle of fresh clothes emptied to my feet as I opened the wonky cupboard door, it wasn’t like there was much time to clean them let alone hang them properly but there was enough to make a complete outfit at least for today.
I turned towards the rusting mirror in the corner and fumbled about with the shirt over my head, almost getting stuck as I tried to push an arm through the collar hole, not the smartest thing but then
:iconinschadenfreude:InSchadenfreude 142 24
By Accident 2- Tentaspy X Reader
By Accident 2
Tentaspy X Reader
Mild Cussing
   I yawned, trying my best to look tired in front of my team as we played cards in the mess hall. Ever since the accident, I had a very, very hard time escaping them for just about everything. Anywhere I went, I had at least one tail or shadow that wasn’t mine. Scout was the hardest, since he blamed himself for the whole thing, in which I told I was happy it happened. This shocked everyone, but I didn’t tell them the truth. Not all of it. My secret wasn’t yet ready to be told. And right now, I was betting that it was hungry.
   “Well guys, I’m heading off to bed. Have to be ready for tomorrow’s battle and all.” Scout instantly looked up, but I frowned at him, shaking my head.
  “Are ya sure mate? I think this next round might be in your favor.” Sniper noticed that I wanted to be alone, but he has good intentions, knowing that some part of my ‘adventure
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 125 21
Who ate my chocolate icecream!? (Sniper x Reader)
You stomp into the living quarters of RED and all 9 men are in here.
They don't notice you walk in, so you throw the empty tub of ice cream down on the ground and men look up from there card game or what ever they where doing.
"WHO DID THIS!?" You scream. You where furious you kept a mini freezer and fridge in your room for a reason.
They all look at you surprised, you where kind of a quiet one but its 'that time of the month again' and you had no more freaking ice cream because of one of these IMBECILES!
A few men like Pyro, Heavy, Medic, Solider leave the room. "Oh no,I am not getting into this mess you finish this" and then Spy leaves also.
"So. Who is it? Hmmm..Was it you scouttt?" you say walking to him. He quickly shakes his head and says "I don't even like chocolate ice cream! I'm out!" He quickly gets up and runs out.
Hmm just Sniper, Engie, Demo (he was passed out in a cha
:iconhannahbloodgirl:HannahBloodGirl 154 32
Sniper X Reader
Sniper POV
            It was time for another battle against the blue team (classic attack and defense style). I was getting myself ready for it in my favorite way- a good old nap. I was just about to drift off when she tapped me on the soldier. Ah (f/n). She has gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes and a marvelous personality. Just thinking about her makes me go weak at the knees- not ideal for battles with life or death situations. Of course with my luck though, she just had to be in the sniper class, so she worked right alongside me.
            As I was saying, she tapped me on the shoulder and I glanced up. “I just thought you should know, the battle’s gonna start in five minutes” (f/n) said. “Oh uh, thanks for the heads up.” “No problem…” It was a very awkward conversation (not that it wasn’t ever not awkward between
:iconhetalia777:hetalia777 192 58
Night Driving- Sniper X Reader
Night Driving
Sniper X Reader
   Headlights lit up the black pavement and any dust particles that were sent up flying from the tires sparkled like fairy dust in its beams. The pale blue moonlight caused large shadows to surround us, tall alpine trees looming and protecting the mountain side. The cool autumn air trickled in from were I had cracked the window earlier, enjoying the smell of earth, leaves, and pine. I smiled lightly at the caresses my face felt.
“Keep doing that and your going to catch a cold before we even get to the Fort.” My window was then rolled up, stifling the fresh source of wonderful smells.
“Sniperrrrrr!” I dragged out the r’s. “You’re killing the mood.”
He glanced over, his eyes now dark blue in the shadows. The pale green light from the radio system made them shine as some weird country song crooned through the speakers. I displayed my displeasure, but to no avail.
“Just lay back. We’ll be th
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 245 43
Firelight Strings-Engineer X Reader
Firelight Strings
Engineer X Reader
  Glitter. That’s what the sky looked like at night out in the desert. Like some enthusiastic child spilled out a jar full of sparkly sliver over black paper, each piece shining and flickering. It was amazing, in every detail, craning my neck to look further at the Milky Way as the campfire cackled by my ear.
  We were still trying to get to know each other, only a few days spent at the Fort since the beginning of recruitment. No one spoke much and we kinda stayed to ourselves in our own little worlds. Of course we wanted to work together, hell we going to have to at some point. But we’re all tense and possibly homesick right now, not knowing what each day will hold for us. That’s why we were having this little desert camping experience.
  I looked back at the fire, again thinking of each individual man sitting around me. Why was I the only girl!? It felt too weird, lonely, and scary. Brute men like Heavy could hurt m
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 209 41
Toons-Scout X Reader
Scout X Reader
   Mornings for most people would start out with lazy yawns, back stretching, getting the coffee started, ect. But here at 2Fort, it starts out differently. Soldier yells down the hallway “Every maggot better be up in five or it’s hell to pay!” and there is this slow scramble to get up and make the beds before shuffling into the main hall for breakfast that we all share a part in making.
  But on weekends, which are special sleep-in days, two particular team members initiate a long held tradition: Watching Cartoons. Don’t get me wrong. Both me and Scout get enough TV in each day when fights and training are over with. But those certain special shows come on only on two days, and to view them in their glory, one has to be awake and ready at a moments notice.
“______!” I heard Scout’s voice float in under the door, waking me from my beloved dream world of yaoi. Turning over, I pulled my covers over my head, not
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 202 60
Pyro x Reader: Bet
  To you, the Pyro had always been full of mystery. He didn't seem to take much interest nor notice in you, but still managed to captivate you in every way. While the others called him deranged, you simply shrugged it off as strange interests.
  You spent your free time wondering what could be under that mask. Of course, so did the others, but they gave it much less thought. You were so curious! Not to mention that you may or may not have liked him just a little bit.
  You watched the Pyro as he played cards with the Medic and the Sniper. This was a typical occurrence between the team. You turned your head to see the Scout lounging on the other chair, feet draping carelessly off of the edge. Heavy stood at the fridge and the rest.. Well, you weren't quite sure about them.
  This was the usual day. Nothing to do when there wasn't battle, waiting for something interesting to happen. Suddenly Pyro got up and made a noise of annoyance. You turned your attention back to
:iconthewritingartist0203:TheWritingArtist0203 213 36


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fanart - dick and damian
dick makes a better daddy :/! he is so cute with damian!!!

firstly, this: [link]
there's some panel i saw the other day of damian going "he'll love me once he gets to know me better" and it's too sad for my body to handle. I cannot find that panel ergghh if you have it some where you give it to me.

words didn't come out as smooth as i wanted. I don't think it came across quite right, i didn't have the "well" before the i love you, but I thought it might be confusing to people that he's not exactly answering his question, he's not supposed to be answering that question he asked, more just telling him "other people love you" sort of thing.

Dear Father Christmas ,
I hope this letter finds you dead . I have been very revenge-driven recently. Some of my biggest accomplishments this year were not going over my data limit and getting out of bed . I did have a few minor setbacks, like when I didn’t end you sooner. Regardless, I hope my deeds are enough to earn me a spot on the nice list!
This year, I’m really hoping for better coping mechanisms and a robotic fork that would twirl my pasta for me . It also wouldn’t hurt if you could send your head on a stake. Oh, and if you get around to it, very tiny versions of very large things would be nice, too.
I am very excited for you to visit my parent’s house . I’ll be sure to leave out empty plates — they’re homemade and very on-brand ! I hope you fester in darkness !
Humbly yourself,
My Christmas letter
Long story short I hate Christmas


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